Albert is one of Britain's most original and visionary composers. He has, for over twenty years been at the leading edge of contemporary music, and his many albums and CDs have gained worldwide commercial and critical success. Fiercely independent, he has established an international reputation while remaining outside the conventional subsidised world inhabited by most other serious composers. Most recently his music has topped the Classical Minimalist Charts. Born in Wales and of Welsh and Latvian parentage, Albert was brought up in Zimbabwe. His father was a leading figure in African Education, and from an early age Albert was exposed to and inspired by African Music.

As he grew up Classical Music lessons co-existed with playing in Township Bands. Apparently irreconcilable elements were a natural part of his musical life and have shaped his deeply personal approach to musical composition.

Albert Owen is a musical idealist, and his career has be en consistently guided by these ideals. He was a professor of piano at The Junior School of The Royal Academy of Music London for fifteen years; taught piano to degree students at Kings' College,( London), Goldsmiths College and Kingston University. His greatest joy, however, was teaching at The Working Mens' College (London) for twelve years. He became The Dean of Studies, the first musician to achieve this distinction in The College's long history. Since 1994 he has taught theory to local children and adults, at The Aberystwyth Arts Centre, University of Wales.

His students have gone on to achieve national and international success in many different musical disciplines and genres, due in no small measure to his inspiration and influence. Most recently (in 1998,1999 and 2000) students of his have been winners in The National Urdd Eisteddfod in Wales, Europe's largest youth festival.

Many of the trends and styles which are so popular and fashionable today, were foreshadowed by him many years ago! ‘New Age’, ‘World Music’, ‘New Romanticism’, and ‘Electro-Acoustic’ are just some of the labels that could have been attached to his music, if they had been in vogue when he was doing all these things in the early 1970's.

The Royal Academy of Music's Board Of Governors has elected Alan as an Associate of the Royal Academy of Music (ARAM), an honour confered on those who have achieved distinction in the music profession.